April 2014

Virgin adds flight to SF, JetBlue cancels route. I guess all the flying nerdbergers will be switching to Virgin. #techcommuters

Mass Relevance merges w/Spredfast to form giant social marketing platform in ATX, SF, Chicago, NYC, London & Sydney. bit.ly/1e628jM

Airbnb’s Shared City helps hosts give to local causes, increase home safety & pay city taxes. Will Portland like it? bit.ly/1flhzDo

March 2014

Larry Page asks health records be a public utility, privacy sacrificed for greater good. Is Apple's Healthbook the place for mining data?

Facebook is "becoming a utility […] backdrop [like email]. It’s not the place of passion." Dana Boyd bit.ly/1g3cCRc

Inventables to announce new digital manufacturing software during SXSW @MAKEatx. Easel promises to get you from idea to product in minutes.